"Thank you so much for the beautiful order of service & prayer cards for my mam.
You were so professional and help during such a difficult time. Everyone at the funeral
commented on the excellent booklets and the prayer cards were like 'gold dust'.
We will definitely recommend you!"
Bernadette & Family

Create an ideal
tribute for your
loved one

Stratford Bespoke Funeral Order of Services offer a personal and discrete service to create the perfect tribute for your loved ones funeral.

We understand the pressure of arranging a funeral when you lose a loved one.

With over 30 years experience, we can guide you to create a fitting tribute with an Order of Service.

What to do first
You have probably already spoken to your Minister, Humanist Celebrant and Funeral Director. Next we would like you to arrange an appointment with us. Ideally we prefer to talk in person, to help us offer you the best service possible.

If you are unable to call in to see us, not to worry as correspondence by email is also available.

We also offer the possibility of visiting you at your home or office. Please call 0191 564 0220 or
07889 756 011 for more details.

I have my appointment, what now?
When we meet, we will work through your requirements. As time is usually a key factor, the more details you can have with you, the better.

Simply send us the picture you would like to use on the front and perhaps one or two family photographs for the back cover.
You can email them to blackprint.printers@gmail.com or bring them with you to your appointment and we will scan them.

If you intend to email your photographs, please consider the size of the image. The bigger the image the better it will print. 300dpi is a standard print requirement. We will advise you if the image is not suitable.

Understanding Layout
As standard, most Order of Services are 4 Page A5 - an A4 sheet folded in half.

If you wish to supply your own layout, please be aware that your order of service pages must be divisible by 4. (4, 8, 12, 16 etc.) and supplied in a suitable PDF format.

What information do I need?
Bring as much as you can, some or all of the following will be required.

Front Cover
Photograph and any special theme or design.
Full name and 'known as' name
Dates of birth and death
Date and place of service
Name of the officiating Minister or Humanist Celebrant

The Church or Crematorium order of service (usually the Minister or Humanist Celebrant will supply you with this) This could be a religious Order of Service or Humanist Celebration.

Back Cover
Perhaps one or two family photographs.
A poem, verse or words from a favourite song.
An invitation for the mourners to gather after the service at a venue.
Any special thanks to Care Home, Hospital ward or organisation for the care of their loved one.
Information on donations in memory of the loved one.

Once we have the draft proof ready we will email it to the family and the person leading the service so they may carefully read it and send us any changes required.

When the final proof has been signed off and the Order of Service has been printed, we can arrange a collection or delivery time with you or deliver them direct to your Funeral Director.